3 Ways We Help Our Clients

At Alternative Thinking, we work hard to ensure our clients get the best service to save time and money. Here are three examples of where we have helps firms save money quickly and to sustain those savings moving forward.

Savings on Mobile Telecoms

Mobile phoneA well known medical charity asked Alternative Thinking to review mobile bills after their bills appeared to go up following a move to a “cheaper” agreement.

Following a review of the call and billing data we were able to produce a dashboard that showed very clearly that the international charges had dramatically increased. We then reviewed the contract to find that little provision had been made for international calls and data. The next step was to successfully renegotiate the international call charges so that the charity saved £10,000 per month on their mobile bills.

We also reviewed the way that staff were using phones and identified, documented and trained users on how to manage their roaming data to get the same results but at a much lower cost to the firm.


Financial Credibility

businessA major international law firm approached Alternative Thinking to assist the IT department in financial management.

A major law firm identified the need for budget management and financial understanding for the IT department, so asked Alternative Thinking to assist.

We identified that the documentation being used did not reflect the figures being provided to the firm by the accounts department. We set about creating a budget pack that allowed IT to take the transaction listings from the accounts department and allocating them against their budget. This allowed IT to show where the spend was going and identify areas that needed attention.

Training was also provided to a to ensure that common accounting functions were understood and everyone knew what was expected of them.


IT Systems Review

young it engeneer in datacenter server roomA local conveyance firm asked for Alternative Thinking’s help to identify if their current case management system needed to be replaced.

A local conveyance firm were about to replace their current case management system as they believed it was no longer fit for purpose but wanted an expert opinion before going ahead with significant spend and disruption.

Alternative Thinking performed a thorough review of the current solution. We spoke to many of the staff to understand how it was being used and where they thought it was not working or lacked functionality.

It quickly became apparent that the system itself was sound but the way it had been implemented and the lack of training were at fault. Alternative Thinking were able to quickly provide a list of functionality improvements that were handed to the solution provider. This allow the firm to use the software in the manor they wanted and increased productivity, accuracy and turnaround times for the customers.

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