5 ways to increase profit without compromising the service to your customers

With ever increasing pressure on pricing from customers, it is all the more important to keep control of operational costs, any savings here contribute straight to the bottom line. We have put together 5 pressure points on operational budget and spend where Alternative Thinking are helping other companies to reduce their costs while maintaining or even improving services.

1.Mobile and desk phone?

Most firms deploy a phone on every desk and give a mobile phone to most of their employees but have you reviewed the costs? When was the last time a customer rang your landline? Increasingly people are making mobile to mobile phones calls so they can be sure to reach the desired person. Include the added functionality available on smartphones and the desk phone looks more obsolete.

When you consider the cost of a modern desk phone and the cost of maintaining that DDI line, it is time to review.

2. Mobile call and data charges

So many companies concentrate on the device they want and then on the call charges but often neglect data or roaming charges. These can be astronomical if not tied down in a contract. Analysis of your contract and reviewing your bills is key to understanding your costs. Looking at Wi-Fi and how the apps interact with mobile data are also key to managing your costs.

Alternative Thinking have helped a number of customers to manage and reduce their mobile costs, in some cases saving 30% or more on their original bills.

3. Supplier spend analysis

Understanding how much you pay each supplier and for what services enables a company to achieve a high degree of leverage to reduce costs, especially if it shows that you could concentrate spend to certain suppliers and receive increased discounts.

Alternative Thinking have seen customers with multiple suppliers for low cost / spend items to cover for a suppliers stock issues. Getting a supplier to hold a small stock of key items but not charging until they are used will reduce the cost if they get all of the orders for that category of spend.

4. Contract / budget analysis

By reviewing your current contracts and budget spend on a regular basis a company gains a lot of insight into where costs can be reduced. Ask yourself what would happen if a service failed during the day, in the evening or weekend. If customers would not be effected because a system was not available after 5pm, why pay a premium just in case?

Alternative Thinking can provide a comprehensive review of your on-going contracts and budget spend, advising on where savings can be made.

5. Financial / tax year end spending

Far too often departments will spend money at the end of a financial year in the belief it will be removed form the next years budget. This spend is often rushed and not thought through resulting in additional  future costs or even unused equipment.

Alternative Thinking can provide the bandwidth within your company to ensure these last minute purchases are done so in a robust way to ensure you re not overspending in future years.

Alternative Thinking do not do shared saving schemes. We believe ALL of the savings should go to YOU. This stops the temptation to make short term savings that only benefit the other party and often cost more long term when services have to be re-introduced.

Contact Alternative Thinking to expand on any of the points raised on 01536 560567 or by email mark.rowley@alternative-thinking.co.uk

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