geddington school

Geddington C of E primary school had 30 laptops they used when a class needed computers for research in their classroom and a computer suite of desktop computers that were used for most of the IT work. They wanted to replace their laptops but did not know whether to replace with more laptops or to go to another form of computing for the classrooms.

With the changes to the IT curriculum coming in 2014 / 2015, the school wanted to ensure whatever was purchased would best support these changes in allowing pupils to use multiple platforms. The opinion was that they would replace the laptops with some kind of tablet device, but were unsure of which one would be best for them.

Alternative Thinking  discussed the current infrastructure with their IT support and their needs with relevant individuals within the school, including the Head Teacher. Once a better understanding of their needs and requirements was gained, a report containing the pros and cons of each option and a recommendation of next steps was produced.

These recommendations have now been approved so we are now at the next stage of assisting them in the procurement of the iPads and providing 1-to-1 assistance and training with the teachers to ensure they are proficient with the devices and when the class devices are purchased can be managed and used effectively.