js law

JS Law, specialists in residential and commercial conveyancing commissioned Alternative Thinking to perform a review of their IT systems.

JS Law has an enviable track record, with over 26 year’s experience in conveyancing in England and Wales, JS Law established itself at the forefront of the property industry. They believe in providing the best service possible to their clients and their agents which is why they have invested in the most innovative technology and working together with their team of highly qualified lawyers JS Law are able to offer a dynamic high quality of service.

Jerry Smith, Managing Director or JS Law, felt that the current systems were no longer providing the efficiencies required and were holding the firm back technologically. The firm had gone to the point of procuring a new client management system but during testing had not met expectations.

Alternative Thinking spent time talking to the various members of staff from all of the teams involved to understand where they thought the processes were going well and where they were failing. All of the processes were documented and analysed to provide the evidence for the final report.

The analysis showed that on the whole the incumbent systems did perform well but there were areas where the system wizards were used and were not configures correctly. Unnecessary screens being shown or relevant data not being captured, resulting in staff having to go back into the system to input the relevant data after the wizard had finished. In some areas the wizards did not record information that would streamline future processes, resulting in delays taking on new business and increasing costs.

Alternative Thinking were able to show current and recommended workflows for each process and show where efficiencies could be made. We were also able to report that as a whole the systems were fit for purpose with minor changes to the configuration and workflow

Daniel Halls, Financial Controller for JS Law commented “the report highlights a number of areas that we were already suspicious of needing attention, It is reassuring to hear that you agree with these concerns which we can now proceed to address”.