wellcome trust

Alternative Thinking have been privileged to assist the Wellcome Trust with long term cover while they recruit a replacement IT procurement manager. The foundation is dedicated to improving health by supporting bright minds in science, the humanities and social sciences and public engagement.

When our consultant started at the Wellome Trust he found the IT department suspicious of the role, unwilling to come forward with procurement or contractual requests. Over a very short period this was reversed to become a “go to” function that helped the department achieve its targets and goals.

The consultant was responsible for the day to day running of the Wellcome Trust IT procurement function and was heavily involved in a number of tenders including a printer refresh to a managed print service and the move of an in-sourced service desk function to a new supplier and the increase to cover 24 hour technical support and monitoring of the computer rooms.

Just prior to our consultant arriving, a new mobile phone contract had been rolled our to the Wellcome Trusts employees but was producing unexpectedly high bills. Our consultant was able to produce a dashboard that could easily be updated each month from the providers data to show the type of spend being charged and who was responsible for that spend. This showed a lack of control over the international roaming charges, so our consultant negotiated a change to the contract to reduce the ROA roaming charges by 75% giving an estimated total saving of approximately £120,000 per annum. A training guide was also produced for the IT department to show staff at the Wellcome Trust best practice in using smartphones abroad and do’s and don’ts to reduce costs while making use of the benefits of a smartphone.

Budget management was also tackled by our consultant so that the IT management team could see where spend was going each month and allow them to forecast with actual figures against each budget line for the first time.