Businessman pressing pie chart buttonYou may have robust policies in place regarding software on  your computers but how do you know they are being followed ? Do you actually know what is on your computers? Alternative Thinking can provide a whole range of services to ensure that your company knows what software licenses it has and what is installed.

What is installed on your computers?

What licenses do you hold?

Is evaluation software removed at end of trial?

Bundle software v standalone installations?

We can provide solutions to scan and monitor your computers to ensure you know exactly what is installed on what computers. Working with your staff, or on your behalf with suppliers, we can give a full picture of your license entitlements. This can then be used to give you a complete picture of your software assets and highlight any risks or opportunities where software I being under-utilised.

These services can be either a one off service or on a regular bases based on your requirements.

As part of the service we can also help review your contracts to ensure you are paying for what is needed in terms of support and additional licenses.