Why Asset Management is More Than Just Knowing Your PC Count

An IT Asset Management (ITAM) program is a must in today’s financial and supervisory environment. Keeping track of PC count isn’t just a tick box task, it’s an indispensable enterprise chore Global Puzzlethat simplifies hardware and software management, license compliance, supervisory compliance, and security. Certainly, a successful asset management solution can save a lot of time, money and management headaches and also move the company up the success ladder.

Information Technology is a key spend area in most businesses and studies show that almost 72% of IT funds are doing nothing more than nourishing the business instead of transforming the business and pushing it forward. The question is; why not implement consistent procedures into their organisation to harness a process to enable transformation?

With the implementation of ITAM, your business transforms itself to be a more efficient and flexible organisation. This includes steps to understand where your IT kit is located and what software is installed. This is not just what is on traditional IT equipment but includes mobile devices and increasingly “the cloud”. With this mind-blowing transformation in the way we use technology, the ways that software can used and approved has also advanced. Some of these changes are proving easier to manage than others, but unfortunately, the capability to track IT assets efficiently is often missed.

Why is ITAM crucial for your business, though? Based upon the needs of a business, here are some key points:

1.     Overall Risk Reduction

Mostly, people keep their possessions in a perfect condition. But how are you supposed to manage things that you do not even know you own? Software downloaded outside of an IT department is often missed when the latest safety updates are installed and, as a result, can let in security threats and malware into the workplace.

You need to know what is being used, what is actually needed, which software is properly procured and which is not licensed. Keeping track of such things can be a significant step forward in eliminating overall security and financial risks.

2.    Cost Reduction

Companies which implement ITAM, even at basic levels, experience a significant savings in IT costs.  Eradicating unused and idle software results in lower maintenance costs and upkeep of the systems. Additionally, understanding the total software lifecycle attains a better understanding of your estate and future needs. Software audits can be costly in terms of staff resources required to perform the audit and the results can prove to be very costly in terms of money and reputation.

3.    Time Saving

There will continuously be a necessity to keep the lights on; by understanding who has what hardware and how often they are using software applications will help. Knowing what resources are not being used so can be redeployed instead of buying additional items will always save time and money within your organisation. Data from your ITAM solution will always save time (and consequently money) by guaranteeing reliable data which are beneficial when you have a supplier demand an audit. Knowing what software is installed reduces the time your staff have to spend assuring the supplier that you are in control of your assets.

4.    Is a Business Enabler

Establishments are progressively absorbed on reporting to vendor audit requests as opposed to concentrating on running and functioning their own business. ITAM is a business enabler in a way that it implants processes into the organisation producing real-time data which can be trusted upon for business decisions, rapidly and positively answering vendor audits enabling you to concentrate on your business and customers.

5.   Is a Business Differentiator

It is one thing to say that ITAM has been applied; it’s another to say my ITAM procedures are continually reviewed and enhanced to enable business growth.  Being able to validate to your shareholders that you proactively have reduced risk and saved money, and prove to software vendors that you are loyal to their licencing requirements.

Organisations have become so caught up in a harmful cycle of setting up procedures to respond to external influences instead of applying developments to guarantee compliance (and cost savings).

It is time for ITAM processes to be added to core list of group processes that are followed at all levels of your organisation. Executing ITAM can be problematic but the benefits gained can be incredible.

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